Gold IRA vs. Physical Gold – What You Need to Know

Jul 20, 2022

More and more people today are showing interest in buying gold. They’re worried about the future, fearful that we may be facing another 2008-style financial crisis, and they want to protect their assets. The desire to want to protect your wealth isn’t new, nor is it unique. Millions of people around the country want to safeguard their savings, and they’re looking to find the best means of doing that. Many are now turning to an old standby to protect their wealth – gold. The yellow m more

30-Year Mortgage Rates Surge Well Over Six Percent

Jul 20, 2022

Whoa Nellie. 2022 has been the worst year for mortgages since 1979. 30-year mortgage rate courtesy of Mortgage News Daily Worst Year For Rates Since 1979 Please note 2022 is Already The Worst Year For Rates Since 1979 Year-over-year change courtesy of Mortgage News Daily Hope vs Reality Expectations vs reality courtesy of Mortgage News Daily  Mortgages Go No Bid One of the best ongoing blog discussions on the web, updat more

'Increased threat' of foreign terrorists, election influence operations: DHS

Jul 20, 2022

The Department of Homeland Security recently warned that the threat from foreign terrorist organizations and cyberthreat from adversaries like Russia, including election interference, will likely increase in 2022 according to an intelligence analysis obtained by ABC News. The document, titled "Key Threats to the Homeland in 2022" and dated June 8, asserts that the greatest threat to the United States this year comes from lone wolf actors and small groups of individuals motived by a cadre of extr more

Kremlin rejects Russian default, says bond payments executed -

Jul 20, 2022

Register now for FREE unlimited access to White House says Russia has defaulted on its external debt Kremlin, finance ministry deny default, say Euroclear blocked payments Russia to allow bondholders to convert roubles to forex and transfer abroad, bypassing National Settlement Depository Bondholders should open a Russian bank account and refuse any claims on Russia June 27 (Reuters) - Russia rejected claims on Monday that is had defaulted on its external debt for the fi more

Goldman Sachs Cut its Hype-and-Hoopla Creature Coinbase to Sell after it Collapsed 87%, as Crypto “Trading Activity Dries Up”

Jun 30, 2022

A chart like this is an indictment of Wall Street and the hype-and-hoopla machine that pumped and dumped this stuff on the most gullible retail investors ever. By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET. Crypto-trading platform Coinbase hired Goldman Sachs in late 2020 as financial advisor for its efforts to go public. They decided eventually to go public via a direct listing. Coinbase was hyped to the nth degree by Wall Street and by the whole crypto pump-and-dump club. Goldman Sachs became the firs more

3 Precious Metals ETFs to Play the Commodities Boom

Jul 20, 2022

Now is an ideal time to get some exposure to precious metals Investors are trying to find growth wherever they can. Right now, that means commodities. This goes beyond the price of oil and the rising prices at the gas pump. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is leading to skyrocketing wheat prices. Plus, rising fertilizer prices will mean that other commodity prices are likely to rise this summer. - MarketBeat But the commodities boom is also creating an opportunity for prec more